Alabama drag racer Tyler Cain Brown leaves today to serve overseas for our military. Let’s show our appreciation by wishing him a safe trip. Thanks for your service, Tyler. ... See MoreSee Less

5 hours ago


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Seriously overwhelmed with the support from everyone in the racing family!!! God bless you ALL #merica #godspeed

Thanks young man for your service!

Thank you for your service ❤️ stay safe

Thank you, Tyler for your service, dedication and sacrafice! On behalf of a U.S. Army Veteran's wife and race car driver may God bless you on your journey and always keep you safe! God bless our veterans! xo

Have a safe trip may god be with you

Thanks young man for your service to us and the good old USA. Be safe and take care of your self and come home soon 👍👍👍👍

Thank you for your service.and praying for your safe care full son.

Thank you and Be Safe!..

Thanks for your service first of all best of luck second of all will be praying for you my friend

Thank you so much prayers for your safety

Awesome. Just take a few minutes to think about where we would be if no one made this sacrifice.

Thank you for your service and may God protect you!

May God bless you in your travels, thank you and be safe!!

Thank you for your service. Praying for your safe return. God bless!

Thanks brother godspeed be safe

Thank you sir! Prayers for a safe trip...your car will long to see ya soon! 🇺🇸

Thanks for your service , see ya soon.

Wish you the best over there. Hope it's uneventful, and you come home safe brother.

Thank you sir. We are proud of our service men and women!

Thank you for you service!! May God bless you and protect you!!

My God protect you and all who are serving!! Praying for safety and thank you for your service!

Safe travels my friend hope to see you at a track soon as you get back.

Stay safe boy and hurry back!

Good luck be safe come home again god bless

Thank you for your service god bless you come home safe

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Mcilvain Race Cars’ first attempt in the roadster world and I think they did a great job #dragcoverage #racing #badass ... See MoreSee Less

11 hours ago

Mcilvain Race Cars’ first attempt in the roadster world and I think they did a great job #dragcoverage #racing #badass


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Sharp looking ride

Gavin Hill

Jennifer Linville Coburn

Beau Coburn

Don Lynn

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We definitely like Bobby Ducote’s new ride!New no prep ride for the rest of 2018 💯💪🏻
R.I.P Ricky Glover I'll take care of your ride sir
@Godspeed bro ride with me
Bristol here we come
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23 hours ago

We definitely like Bobby Ducote’s new ride!Image attachmentImage attachment


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Why did he sell the mustang for this?

Michael Garcia Another one


Jeez .. these guys really go thru some cars and engine combos in this no prep and tv street stuff

Dean Smith this your old car?


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Sad news. Keep Doug’s family in prayer. Doug died from a Jet Car crash.Unofficial Update from Norway Speedway:

Doug Rose and the Green Mamba Jet Car was involved in a wreck tonight. Unfortunately, he passed away.. Keeping Doug's family in our thoughts and prayers.

Photo: Hotshot Photography - 2017 Night of Thrills
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2 days ago

Sad news. Keep Doug’s family in prayer. Doug died from a Jet Car crash.


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Wow, this is sad!!!

Toby Taylor,did you see this

Man on a circle track. Prayers sent heavy

Prayers and thoughts for his family, drag family and friends

I saw him in elpaso texas when i was young, he was vert cool. RIP SIR.

Wow Sorry for the loss! My Heart pours out to all the families and friends! RIP

Prayers for him and his family

Prayers to him and his family🙏😩





Connie Lee Dohman .. remember this car at the fairbury track ?


Frankie R Vargas Rivera David Pagan

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Undercover Motorsports coming back for 2019?! Multi time NHRA D.4 Champion (also former owner of Tnt Supercars) released this statement along with some new Solidworx design snapshots of what could be the resurrection of the former prestigious chassis shop. The internet’s reaction? Overwhelming to say the least. It’s safe to say that if they open the doors, they’re gonna be burning a lot of welding rod! ... See MoreSee Less

3 days ago


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“Friday I posted a few of the Solid Works files on a project that I’ve been working on for a while now. I mentioned that I’d give more details on the project after I had the first dragster complete and could post good pics. That is still a couple weeks away, but after seeing all of the comments and getting over 100 FB and text messages, I thought I better clear up a few basic things about this deal. 1. Bringing back the Undercover brand is something I started working on a year and a half ago. I told Kurt my plan back then and asked his permission to duplicate the great cars he built and use the name. He not only gave me his blessing, but offered to help me with drawings, build specs, where to find the applicable molds, etc... so that my finished product was a true 2019 Undercover dragster. 2. Kurt has been instrumental in helping me make sure these things are exactly what Undercover was producing, but he IS NOT actually building the cars. His involvement in this project has been as a longtime friend wanting to help me make sure the brand he built was better than ever. 3. Morgan Lucas and the guys at Lucas Oil Fabrication in Brownsburg, IN are building the cars and they are doing an unbelievably great job. Nothing is seat of the pants on this deal. The cars are engineered in Solid Works, all tubes are CNC mandrel bent, notched, and located via the model. Every bracket, tab, and mount is spot on. I’m very picky and have been nothing but impressed throughout. These guys are good! 4. Billy Torrence is the only other person involved in this deal and got us hooked up with Morgan and his guys at Lucas Oil Fabrication. He doesn’t have a spare minute these days, but he’s made time to help get this off the ground. 5. Current plan is to build 6-10 of the 2019 Undercover dragsters and go from there for 2020. Most of those will be sold as complete rollers or turnkey cars. I’ll post pricing and option info as soon as I finish. This was a big undertaking, so please be patient as we get the final details worked out. Thank everyone for the remarks and kind words about what we are trying to do. I’ve been racing and involved in racing related business for 25+ years and I’m always amazed at how good the people in our sport are. There’s always the few that make the most noise and the least impact, but 99% of our racing family is unbelievable. Thanks everyone and have a great Sunday afternoon!!” - Tommy Phillips

Welding rods...???? you back in the 60`s and 70s man 😉

Always wanted a new old one maybe this will be my chance.

Would love to have another one.

Dana Pinder looks like undercover may be coming back!!!

Best chassis EVER...

Kurt is a heckuva guy


Whatcha think Bradley Snowball?

Ron Gibson

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Some of the best VHT in the game!

Nomex Effect
‪Apparently not everyone got the memo about the new track prep #noprep #loprep #nhra‬
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3 days ago


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Haha slippery till the methanol evaporates out lol

Putting down the no prep

Man I bet them flies n bees was all over his azz after that

Like me this morning at the quay Chloe 🤨🤪

So that’s how they no prep.

Carey Curling Austyn West Greg Haynes they must’ve cut it with diesel fuel 🧐

Kira Reeve 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Jennifer Lynn Anderson

Kyle Dingwall

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September 22-23 at Huntsville Dragway ! Promods, Top Sportsman, 6.00 & 7.00, and several Bike classes! ... See MoreSee Less

3 days ago

September 22-23 at Huntsville Dragway ! Promods, Top Sportsman, 6.00 & 7.00, and several Bike classes!Image attachment

Timmy Smith‘s new Racecraft Chassis Dragster is absolutely gorgeous!

We caught the Roanoke, AL based car in action this past weekend, although he didn’t have luck this round against Mark Herring.

We love bracket racing here on DragCoverage! It was a fun weekend visiting Holiday Raceway in Woodstock, AL #dragcoverage #racing #badass
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5 days ago


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He’s all about the orange. Nice Hotrod!

That certainly isn’t the first dragster that Mark Herring has put on the trailer in the old yellow “Dragster Slayin” Malibu at Holiday Raceway. He loves running dragsters in that car!!

Its ORANGE!!!!!🍊🍊🍊🍊 love it!

Buddy Plant

Random guy at gas station.... Hey man, what year is your Camaro??

(Insert ridiculous response here)
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6 days ago

Random guy at gas station....  Hey man, what year is your Camaro??    

(Insert ridiculous response here)


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I used to have a Camaro just like it. Had a 3/4 race cam

62' ford camaro mustang Ltd

Half year was introduction of the single dual wheels. That's what makes it an HD.

It's a 1919 with a hit n miss vtec with a 2jayz3lmnopZ1le turbo with a nitrous works dry kit

The only yr the stopped it's production to mimick an elco

That isnt a camarp its an f-150 ford p/u truck

To me it Looks like a mid-70’s el camrancho on the trailer.

It was the first year for factory cowl induction.

Just because I have one mullet machine doesn't mean I have two

66 1/2, 3/4 ton hd.

It's a 48 I think that's the first they bult generation a it's got custom bungee jumpers she runs good

El Camaro

Is that a mali-cameno..😉

32 highboy with a truck bed

1848 with 113 lamapower

A 58

2019 lol

Just tell em.......'57


1986 Oldsmobuick.






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If you could own one, which would you choose?

Joe Barry and a few bad ass hotrods
Rolling out last weekend from M1 Concourse and #roadkillnights

Video by Joe Barry Motorsports
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6 days ago


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The gold Camaro , love me some boost.

who picky i would take any of them

Joe Barry’s 56

Tom baileys camaro

The AMC or the novas

Larry's Chevy II

The Grom 😂😂😂


56 Chevy

At Djuan Plain this gonna be us in about 5 years😎😎

Derrick Carmichael

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11 Days!! Don’t miss the big show in Steele, AL! ... See MoreSee Less

7 days ago

11 Days!! Don’t miss the big show in Steele, AL!


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Dont think we have that much time and passes with the race also. Lets just make it pucket vs massaro and I'll take the jokers wild in a rematch. Id rather run the 6.0 pro mod

Sweet let's make it 4K for all in 😃😃

Jeff Massaro your money sends just as good as Shane Kay and Ryan Hallmark dose

I’m in for the 6.0 call out Shane Kay Michael Puckett Ryan Hallmark Might as well make it 4. 😁 Bryan Crane Lance Ward

The legendary Michael Puckett vs gadsden home town 55 of Jeff Massaro.

Gadsden Mafia taken all the money 💵

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Oh My! A grudge race gone bad at Middle Georgia Motorsports Park this past weekend.

Thank God the driver got out quick and was unharmed. We wish the crew a speedy rebuild.

Video by JMalcom2004
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1 week ago


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Seen the same deal about 15 yrs ago . Nitrous back fire nobody had a fire extinguisher 60000 dollar car burnt to the ground.

Tim Turner wasn’t this the car Fletcher used to own

Damn g-bodys. Schafer Suggs Parker Suggs

I know it’s scary but u gotta Push Off, in the back look like fuel and everything was still running ... but glade he got out ..

This is why you put a fire suppressant system on the car and not just in the cabin in the engine bay as well

Guy slowly walks up to the car and takes his time putting the fire out.... they need retraining or someone that knows what they are doing. Smh...

Don’t think I would have wanted to walk up either

That’s Ugly

Take your time , that should never happen

Earl Hopkins Dillon Hopkins

This is so dangerous!

Thank God the driver is okay

No shit

Jay Oomen grote vuurbal kut

Justin Malcom u got that real deal close up

Matthew Dasilva Amanda N Leslie Foster

James Edenfield

Xclusivepaintandbody Mckay

Eric Harrison

Kevin Godsey

Jayboy Powell

Joe Faris

Chris Ault

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Love when racers see us filming and they deliver! Kevin Bennett lit up the tires for us at Holiday Raceway! ... See MoreSee Less

1 week ago

Part 3 Holiday Raceway 5KWoodstock, AL ... See MoreSee Less

1 week ago

Part 2 Holiday Raceway 5KWoodstock, AL ... See MoreSee Less

1 week ago

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