SUPER PRO – Donnie Brown, Jr., always a contender, scores the big win in his 2nd final in a row. Donnie Brown, Jr. from Buford, GA in his ’03 Spitzer Dragster took the win light over John Hobbs from Conyers, Ga in his ’69 Camaro. Donnie wanted to thank his Mom and Dad. He wanted to dedicate the win to Don Brown, Sr. who is battling a serious illness.

Brown ran a 4.829 ET on his 4.83 dial in at 142.75 mph and a 0.021 reaction. Hobbs ran a 6.836 ET off his 6.84 dial in at 100.20 mph and a reaction of 0.004 in a double break out final.

In the semifinals Brown defeated Hank Wilhelm from Maysville, GA in his ’96 Ed Quay Dragster, while Hobbs had a single into the finals.

PRO – Kelly King borrows a car and wins for the 1st time this year at Atlanta Dragway


Kelly King from Stockbridge, GA, in Kenny Bevins, Jr.’s ’76 Vega Wagon, defeated Chad Brewer from Canton, GA in his ’70 Nova. Kelly thanked Kenny Bevins, Jr. and STP (Southern Truck Parts).

In the final King ran a 6.408 ET off a dial in of 6.39 at 106.76 mph and a 0.015 reaction time. Brewer ran a 6.824 ET on his 6.81 dial in at 99.66 mph and a reaction of 0.022.

During the semi’s King beat Robby Nelson from McDonough, GA in his ’92 Chevy Truck and Brewer defeated Allen Williams from McDonough, GA in his ’91 Chevy S-10.

SPORTSMAN – Scott Reynolds wins again in his ’02 Camaro which he drives to the track every week


Scott Reynolds from Cartersville, GA defeated Ed Nalley from Carnesville, GA in his ’83 Chevy Truck. Reynolds in the final ran a 13.438 ET on his 13.45 dial in at 96.34 mph and a 0.027 reaction time. Nally ran an 11.550 ET off his dial in of 11.57 at 115.16 mph and a reaction of 0.153.

Reynolds defeated last race winner Dickey Forrester from Hickory Flat, GA in his ’68 Camaro in the semifinals. Nally got a single into the final.

SUPER PRO BIKE – Randy Day from Anderson, SC wins while doing double duty on his Kawasaki


Day defeated Tim Sutton from Clermont, GA on his ’89 Suzuki in the final. Day ran a 5.676 ET on his 5.66 dial in at 124.58 mph and a 0.012 reaction. Sutton ran a 5.627 ET off his 5.56 dial in at 119.67 mph and a great reaction time of 0.006.

STREET ET BIKE – Jordan Autrey from Travelers Rest, SC wins again


Autrey in the final defeated Brian Wilson from Maysville, GA. Autrey ran a 9.389 ET on his 9.34 dial in at 136.98 mph and a 0.088 reaction. Wilson ran an 11.236 ET off a 10.40 dial in at 102.13 mph and a reaction time of 0.050.

Autrey wanted to thank his grandparents, Mom, Cycle Gear and Autrey Motorsports.

Semifinals, Autrey beat Randy Day from Anderson, SC and Wilson defeated another Brian Wilson (no relation) from Tallapoosa, GA.

5-9 JR DRAGSTER – The final came down to 2 third generation racers

Shawn Wilson (7) scores his 3rd win this year. Wilson from Jefferson, GA defeated Cooper Hancock (6) from Commerce, GA. Shawn wanted to thank his Mom and Dad (Jacquelyn & Matthew), his Mimi and Pop (Debbie & Ricky Blackwell), Direct Auto Color, Ridge Scapes Commerce, and Gringos Mexican Grill.

In the final Wilson ran a 14.220 ET on his 13.90 dial in at 43.82 mph and a 0.188 reaction time. Hancock ran a 14.127 ET off his 13.90 dial in at 44.92 mph and a foul reaction of -0.040.

Wilson had a single into the finals, while Hancock beat Stephen Skelton from Cleveland, GA in the semifinals.

10 -12 JR DRAGSTER – Hayden Wilson (11) a third generation racers gets his 1st win of the year

Hayden Wilson from Tallapoosa, GA defeated Kimberly Vancica (10) from Lawrenceville, GA in the final. Hayden wanted to thank his mom & dad, Mama & Papa. Wilson ran a 9.2511 ET on his 9.13 dial in at 67.96 mph and a 0.059 reaction. Vancica ran a 9.940 ET off her 9.15 dial in at 66.78 mph and a -0.029 reaction (red light start).

During the semi’s Wilson beat Michelle Vancica (10) from Lawrenceville, GA while Kimberly had a single into the finals.

13-18 JR DRAGSTER – Austin Carden (17) by winning clinched his 12th championship

Austin’s ready to move up to Super Pro full time and it won’t take long before he is competing for a Super Pro championship. Austin wanted to thank his mom & dad (Matthew & Charlene) and his grandmother. He wanted to dedicate the win to his grandfather who recently passed away.

In the finals Carden from Monticello, GA defeated Malone Wilson (17) from Tallapoosa, GA. Carden ran a 7.947 ET off a 7.90 dial in at 76.61 mph and a 0.053 reaction. Wilson ran an 8.105 ET on his 8.04 dial in at 75.82 with a 0.084 reaction.

Semifinals, Carden beat Adrian Wilson (17) from Tallapoosa, GA while Wilson faced Jessie Daniel (15) from Loganville, GA.

JR STREET – Jr Street had a 1st time winner, Claude Thomason


Claude Thomason from Lilburn, GA in a Pontiac defeated Jacob Wilson from Tallapoosa, GA in his ’04 Chevy Truck. Thomason wanted to thank his mom and dad. In the final he ran a 10.829 ET on his 10.75 dial in at 49.87 mph and a reaction of 0.219. Wilson ran an 11.4566 ET off his 11.53 dial in (break out) at 63.24 mph and a red light start of -0.070 reaction.

Sanctioned by the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA), Atlanta Dragway is located just off I-85 at Exit 149 in the Banks Crossing area of Commerce, Georgia. Information on all 2016 events may be obtained by calling the track office (706-335-2301) or logging on to

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