Photos by William White

Eldridge, AL — A great night of racing at I-22 Motorsports Park in Eldridge, AL this past weekend turned into a night that racers will never forget. During the electronics eliminations, Mark Sullens of Jefferson City, MO had a malfunction in the staging lanes when his throttle hung open, slamming into several cars in the staging lanes. Sources tell DC that Mark Sullens’ son was behind the wheel and Mark Sullens was injured during the mishap.

DragCoverage spoke with Terry Eaton who was struck while sitting in his dragster. Fortunately, Eaton is ok. The impact caused some to receive medical attention, including one racer who struck his head on the role cage after the impact. All have been released from the hospital

This is proof that anything can happen in racing and it doesn’t have to happen on the track!

Racer Charles Herring was struck while sitting in his Blue Chevy II Nova. Herring said “I really don’t know where to start or what to say, but I’ll give it a try. I was released today from UAB Medical Center, and am now at home. I have a mild concussion & a slight subdural hematoma (some bleeding between the skull & the brain). I’m also really sore & stiff. 1962H, the blue deuce, my prized possession took a hard lick and is destroyed. But, it could have been so much worse. I am a blessed man.

It happened so fast with no warning. One second I was sitting in the car in staging lanes waiting to qualify. A split second later I heard a deafening sound & felt a horrendous crash. Some time later, I have no clue how much later, my brother was trying to wake me up & get me out of the car. Everything changed in the blink of an eye.”

The Sullens Family said “Royces foot got wedged between the accelerator and brake petal. He didn’t manage to get foot out but was able to shut the power down on the car. Damage done within seconds! We are thankful for all that helped and sent prayers! Thankful that Charlie, Mark, Kurtis and Royce are recovering.”