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Crazy Blow S-10

This blown S-10 is probably one of the most wicked trucks that we’ve ran across. You can hear the screaming of the supercharger as he crossed the 1/8 mile. He then drops the chutes, making this one bad to the bone video.  Our buddies at UrbanHillBilly Video was there to capture the action. 

Unbelievable Save for Frank Yee

Las Vegas, NV — This is an unbelievable save! Frank Yee drove the wheels off this hot rod at the Super Street Car Nationals during eliminations! Here in the south, we call this “crashing but not hitting anything.” Frank lost the round after crossing the center line twice, but he drove it back to the pits!

Mustang Tire Explodes on the Dyno at 150 MPH!

This is just insane! Check out the tire of this Mustang explode at 150 MPH. The damage is pretty extensive but it could have been much worst. Everything seems to be going well until he lets out of the throttle at the top of 5th and then the already unstable tire goes KABOOM.

Watch His Incredible Reaction as Top Fuel Cars Launch

Have you ever watched a Top Fuel Car launch live? Well, I must say that it is quite the experience. Watch the reaction of this spectator as two Top Fuel Dragsters launch side by side. This should give you an idea of what the experience is like. This should also make you chuckle, as it did us. This video is quite humorous.

Watch this Video: Andrew Hines clinches 2015 Pro Stock Motorcycle NHRA Championship

Andrew Hines tied the late Dave Schultz by winning his fifth NHRA Mello Yello Pro Stock Motorcycle world title. Sitting in the burnout area, Hines had a ringside seat for the deciding match, in which his Screamin’ Eagle Harley-Davidson teammate, Eddie Krawiec, defeated challenger Jerry Savoie, who broke just off the starting line. Hines celebrated briefly, then quickly composed himself and defeated Hector Arana Jr….