woodMemphis, TN – Big cash and Clay Smith Cams sponsored trophies will be awarded to winners at the 3rd Annual American Race Cars 25K Showdowns. These unique Clay Smith Cams sponsored trophies were designed and created by Imagine that Customs Paint and are unique to the sport of drag racing.

Folk Cummings Racing said “we can’t thank Clay Smith Cams enough for their support of both the American Race Cars 25K Showdowns and the sport of drag racing. These trophies are truly a piece of artwork and Jerron Settles of Imagine that Customs did a great job putting them together.”

“A winner each day will get to take home these awesome trophies and big cash.”

The big dollar elite bracket race kicked off on Friday, June 26th with $10,000 to win and $25,000 showdown on Friday night. The race will continue on Saturday with another 25K Showdown, OK Motorsports Golf Cart Race, FTI/Weld Racing Racer Appreciation Party, and a $10,000 race on Sunday.

Clay Smth Cams is located in Buena Park, CA and offers racers a variety of quality and dependable high performance parts, including cam shafts, lifters, valve train and fuel system components. The historic business provides several services beyond camshafts.


The “Mr. Horsepower” legacy began in the early 1930’s with camshafts that were literally hand-ground by Clay Smith to high performance specifications. His technical expertise was recognized by the industry and racers were mesmerized by the overall performance of his products.

Although he specialized in camshafts, his high performance engines were setting world speed records. He raced Joe Guess’s Hydro boat and during this time a friend of theirs drew a characterization of Clay Smith – which is now the very famous “Mr. Horsepower Logo.”