Counterfeit Money hits the Drag Racing Scene; Starting Line Gambling 

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Montgomery, AL — It’s our worst fear. Imagine trying to deposit money into the bank or make a purchase and you are told that your money is “no good.” Well, this is happening quite often to racers and drag racing fans around the states. They are distributing or receiving counterfeit money while gambling during drag racing events. 

(Images in this article are used to only illustrate drag racing events. Do not assume that the images illustrate counterfeit money being exchanged)

Montgomery Raceway Park track operator Jim Howard encourages both racers and fans to be aware of counterfeit money that is being passed around while gambling during races.

Howard said “Warning! Counterfeit Money! I have been reading all the comments about fake money and it’s been happening at a lot of races lately. Last weekend was a monster event for us and we checked every bill that come into the track including the concessions and nothing was passed through, mainly because they knew we were checking.”

“Where the money is being passed is on the starting line so racers beware. Beware of 20’s and 100’s. We were hit earlier this season and since have checked all bills and suggest if your betting on the starting line anywhere you do the same.”

Jim also warns those who distribute counterfeit money that they will be arrested.