Drag Racer David Cooper helps Stranded Police Officer Evacuate Florida; Story goes Viral

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Milton, FL — Promod racer David Cooper is getting World Wide attention for his kind acts during Hurricane Irma. Cooper purchased tires for a Police Officer who was practically stranded while evacuating his family during Hurricane Irma. However, those that know Cooper will tell you that this is not uncommon. Like most drag racers, he has a big heart.

To sum up the story, Police Officer Tommy Burgs couldn’t afford to install 4 new tires on his truck after having tire issues in Milton, FL while pulling his camper to evacuate his family from Ft. Lauderdale. Burgs had practically spent his savings to evacuate while planning to immediately turn around and work the storm efforts. 

Burgs stops at a local tire store in Milton, FL only to be told that he will need new tires. Cooper overhead Burgs story and purchased him four new tires. Burgs put the story on Facebook and his story went viral Watch the video below!

Comment below or thank Cooper if you see him at a South East track. He definitely has a big heart!