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DRR Ultimate Series Wrap Up

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If you remember the good old days of Bracket Racing then things like the B&M Series or the DRR Series come to mind. A string of season long events that avoided IHRA & NHRA Nat’l an Div’l events that could keep the likes of the Williams’, Bogacki, Ricky Smith, Robbie & Rustin Mayse, on the road and racing for decent money on a regular basis. This included different divisions and a running points title nationally and divisionally with a points fund for both. They covered your typical NHRA Divisions 1-7. Paying $10k to win in Super Pro and $5k in Sportsman (or Pro, No Box, Footbrake, No Electronics, whatever you wanna call it). A typical flyer looked like this.


And then the recession happened. Fuel prices rose as car counts dropped nationwide. Now about 10 years later something of such is back on the rise. The payouts are higher, the car counts are wonderful, and the racing is tougher than ever. The ultimate prize? A brand new rolling chassis from American Race Cars featuring a Todd’s Extreme Custom Paint job that is absolutely jaw dropping. The format has changed some,  and so has the director(s). Scott Lemen, with wife Nicole and children Megan & Sheldon, purchased the website from the Sons family a few years back now taking the site to new heights and developing this new series. The format is simple:


Three race series at Huntsville Dragway

One race in March, one in July, and the finally in October

$25k to win on Friday & Sunday with a $50,000 big check splitting the two on Saturday. $895 gets ya in all three events each weekend. Best part is that there’s a wonderful points series to go with it all!


To nobody’s surprise former DRR Series front runner and multi time NHRA World Champ Luke Bogacki took home multiple big checks from multiple weekends crushing the overall points total taking home the top spot. His closest competition? HIMSELF! 3 separate weekends, 3 races a weekend and the top two spots go to “Cool Hand Luke” who scored a $25k win in the March opener. A $25k win in July. And a $50k Runner Up this past weekend to go along with a slew of late round finishes. That earned him this new American dragster (for overall points winner) an a Oakley Motorsports 598″ BBC for his runner up points entry. $60k in big checks and $54k in points prizes leaves Bogacki with a total of well over $100k in cash and posted prizes. WOW!


P.J. Fouts caught up with Luke Bogacki after his $50k R/U on Saturday heading into the final day of competition in this interview.


Said points payout places prizes (say that three times fast) into the hands of the top 100 finishing racers. It’s too much for myself to type but here’s the full wrap sheet.



The American Race Cars dragster featured Moser rear end components, Lindsay Racing Products wheels, Digital Delay delay box and switch panel, Auto Meter gauges, and much more all topped off with the Todd’s Extreme Custom Paint job that really sets this prize apart from all others.

Contrary to urban legend more than Luke Bogacki took home big honors during the DRR Ultimate Series.

Here are all of your $50k Winners:

So in the end, a great time was had by hundreds of racers, OVER 100 RACERS RECIEVED PRIZES from either points finishing position or from a best losing package award, and honestly the ground work for the dream bracket racing series is fully formed. The real question is, can this series branch out and join the multi location events such as the Spring Fling and The Million Dollar Race? Who knows? I know that I’d love to see a multi divisional, national points series come back to bracket racing.


‘Till next time, keep it shiny side up!


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