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Dwayne Roberts’ Sinister Series Phantom with a Splash of “Imagine That Customs”

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Bradenton, FL — It’s not every day that you run across a master piece like this. Quite frankly, I have seen several completed Hot Rods from multiple painters and builders over the years but Dwayne Robert’s latest piece from Phantom Race Cars and Jerron Settles is not “one of” but THE nicest dragster we have ran across at However, it should be no surprise that it’s this nice, if you have followed Dwayne Roberts along his drag racing career. He has been known to produce some of drag racing’s finest. And, with the help of Phantom Race Cars and Jerron Settles, this one is the best, yet.

This monster is powered by a 615 Cubic Inch Nesbitt Racing Engine and has already been a best elapsed time of 4.48 in the 1/8th mile, which is quite impressive considering the extras; and Dwayne isn’t a small boy. Other features include an Induction Solutions Nitrous System, Mickey Thompson Bubba Tires, and a bullet proof FTI drive-train.


This piece was debuted around the time of the CARS Million Dollar Drag Race in Montgomery, AL and will be entered in Big Dollar Bracket Races across the globe and Division II top dragster races.

The performance piece is only a small portion of it’s “impressiveness.” The PAINT is what makes it a beauty. From the Chassis Powdercoat, to the airbrushing and paint color, everything is completely different and one of a kind.

Jerron said ” The first thing I did was redesign the Phantom logo with Phantom Race Cars’ permission to have a more aggressive look to fit the new paint scheme. The logo on the car is all paint, including the Phantom Reaper.”


“After mixing a couple gallons of the bronze-orangish-red color, I named the paint “rude girl red.”

After hours and hours of airbrushing and detailing, Jerron wanted to paint nearly everything, until Dwayne finally said enough. Fortunately, that was after the wheels were painted with the Phantom Logo, the fan uniquely painted, and the silver stripe that runs around each blade. If you stare at it long enough, you’ll notice that it has a dizzy carnival “toy” look.


If you ever get the opportunity to see this car at the drag strip, be sure to give it a second look. You will not be disappointed. It is one-of-a-kind and no time was spared.

Dwayne Roberts was quick to thank everyone involved in making this car a success; Phantom Race Cars, Imagine That Customs, FTI Converters, VP Race Fuels, and of course, his wife Liz and dad.






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