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Factory Cars to Pro Stock in 2018

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Now while this isn’t the official Press Release that you’ll read from Glendora, it is very much so a probable reality. As most of us know Mopar has left Pro Stock. Now while it is the racers favorite class by far over T/F and F/C it is dying. That is no surprise. After losing several teams with the 2016 rules package this past season to say that this writers favorite class is on life support is a massive understatement.

Here’s my prediction, Pro Stock as we know it will not exist in 2019.


Well it’s simple, the cars have not related to the production model for over 15 years now. The cars cost too much money to purchase, engine cost and maintenance are astronomical, and it takes four guys to service a car between rounds. If I am an executive at GM or Ford or Mopar why on Earth would I support the NHRA’s form of Pro Stock? Now in the beginning the Pro Stock class emerged from the production-based Super Stock class in 1970 with a more liberal set of rules and an absence of handicaps. In that previous sentence the words “Production-Based” have incomprehensible weight. The early days of Sox & Martin, “Dyno” Don Nicholson, & Bill “Grumpy” Jenkins racing Super Stock cars with wider tires, bigger engines, and more elaborate chassis setups brought the crowds in by groves and the old adage of “win on Sunday, sell on Monday” became a way of life for racers & executives alike.

As Merle Haggard said “Are the good times really over for good?” I’d have to say HELL NO when it comes to Pro Stock.

So what’s gonna happen? Very simple. What if I told you there’s a “Pro Stock in Waiting” class? One with literally over 100 cars ready to go RIGHT NOW!! GM has produced 69 COPO’s every year for the past few years. Ford & Mopar have other ways of purchasing for customers but from our best educated guesses there’s about 150 Cobra Jets and Drag Pak’s floating around. Whether we see naturally aspirated or supercharged entries allowed are about a 50/50 shot. But a few things that should not be changed are:

1.) 9″ Tires
2.) Factory Mass Produced Based Engines
3.) All Engine Blocks & Cylinder Heads Factory Produced
4.) Automatic Transmission Cars Get No Weight Break (encourages stick shift cars)
5.) Stock Style Front Suspension
6.) Stock Quarters, Roof, and Doors
7.) Stock Interior
8.) 48″ Wheelie Bar(s) Maximum Length
9.) 4 Forward Speeds Maximum For Stick Cars, 3 Forward Maximum for Automatics

What will this create? High seven second cars that look EXACTLY like Camaro’s, Challenger’s, and Mustang’s both inside and out that the customer can go buy seven days a week from the dealership. The racing on the track will be extremely tight and exciting with such a small tire and four speeds. Big wheelstands, pedal fests, and big time MPH from Factory Race Cars in a heads up format. What’s not to love?

Just incase anyone doesn’t think this isn’t an original idea I’ve had this thought since 2014. Now with Mopar leaving I won’t be shocked when we all get this press release mid summer next year.

‘Till next time, keep it shiny side up

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