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Friends That Make Us Fast: It’s All About The Spill!

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No matter what sport or team you follow the stories all have the same common factor. Sure there are streaks, rushing records, no hitters, home run records, goals scored, three point percentages, and championships. But where they all relate back to is people. The story is always about people. Here in drag racing we have some really cool tools. Instead of sneakers or gloves we have race cars! This series is about the people who work in the drag racing industry and are racers themselves. Many of them Big Buck race winners, Division Champions, and more. From painters, carb builders, division managers, engine builders, and CEO’s these are the guys who punch a clock and help make us go fast!



What would make a man quit his profession that was sturdy, paid decent, and fed his family? Drag Racing that’s what! Jerron Settles is known throughout the industry as a cutting edge painter who turns lines and colors on our hot rods into art. It all started in 2003 when he started painting helmets for fellow racers. Then in 2004 the first car he painted was a jr. dragster. As Jerron kept racing and continued his hobby of painting the business grew. Then on April 1st, 2006 Jerron Settles pushed his tool box out of his bay at the dealership and started “spilling” paint for a living. Now 50+ Best Appearing awards ranging from NHRA, IHRA, & Big Buck Bracket Races later the phone rings off the hook 24/7 at Imagine That Customs.


“I’ve painted between 670-680 cars with about 95% of them being dragsters. I once did 50 dragsters in a year along with helmets, show cars, and bikes at the same time. I think one thing that sets me apart as a painter is that I don’t use renderings our outside influences for design help. It’s all in my head. I don’t strive to be a great painter, I strive to be a great artist.” Said Jerron in a phone interview earlier.


A few years back Jerron partnered up with the IHRA to paint the turnkey championship car that the Summit Super Series Box Winner at the IHRA World Finals receives. Since that time he has delivered some beautiful pieces that are jaw dropping. But being a painter isn’t all this man does. In fact Jerron finished 9th in IHRA Quick Rod national points with a Division 1 Championship along with it. “I think being a racer has helped my career tremendously. Being at the track and talking with the customers really helps me keep my finger on the pulse of the sport. I’ve been everywhere from Vegas, the $50k in Michigan, to the 5 DAY in Palm Beach.” And if you think he’s done with wheeling hot rods you’d be wrong. As you read this article Jerron is working on a GT Super Stock Camaro that is sure to turn heads and blow minds throughout drag racing.


We’ll be on the lookout for that piece when she arrives to share with all of y’all, and while you’re at it take a listen to “The Back Porch Show” podcast that you can find here at Drag Coverage The Magazine. And don’t forget to smash the share button because we might give ya free stuff, or we might not.


Till next time, keep it shiny side up!

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Here’s some more photos for ya from “Tha Spilla”

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