Jeff Verdi is The Most Interesting Man

So you may have heard that a guy from the East Coast took his dually, open trailer, and backhalf car out Vegas for the Spring Fling Million earlier in the year. Well he did, he also won that Million. Then just last night he took that same car. Parked it right by the same trailer and same truck (plus a new fuel pump in the truck) with ANOTHER Million Dollar Check. We know that Jeff isn’t the biggest social media guy, he relatively keeps to himself, but here are some quick facts about the Multi-Million Dollar Man.

Jeff Verdi has never redlit, the tree has been slow on him a couple of times though.

Jeff Verdi has never been worse than .030 on the tree…. ever!

Jeff Verdi doesn’t check his valve lash, because he did it right the first time.

Jeff Verdi went to a race once that didn’t pay $1,000,000 he won that one too.

Jeff Verdi’s Firebird doesn’t do wheelstands, it plants the tires so hard it pushes the Earth down.

When the NHRA implemented the timing system, Jeff Verdi already had three perfect runs.

Jeff Verdi’s shadow can be seen in total darkness.

Luke Bogacki wears Jeff Verdi pajamas to bed.

Jeff Verdi double entered a race once, just so he could know what it’s like to runner up.

Jeff Verdi has won races he wasn’t physically at.

Jeff Verdi has the greatest poker face of all time. He won the 1985 World Series of Poker, despite holding only a Joker, a Get out of Jail Free Monopoly card, a 2 of clubs, 7 of spades and a green #4 card from the game UNO.

Jeff Verdi gave his father the talk.

Jeff Verdi taught Warren Johnson how to build carburetors.

Jeff Verdi won a $5k once, on a Huffy.

Jeff Verdi doesn’t bring a toter and stacker just to make folks feel like they have a chance.

Jeff Verdi doesn’t Pro Stock race because he likes money.

Here at DragCoverage we know all these things to be true, plus more! Share this article if you thought it was funny and maybe we’ll give you some free stuff. Or we won’t. Your choice.

Till next time, keep it shiny side up!

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