Johnny Pilcher 2/6/2020 Update, 12:00 PM; He is no longer sedated

Johnny was extubated yesterday and is no longer sedated. He is currently doing breathing treatments with moderate oxygen support. He is more aware of his surroundings and his personality is coming out. He’s talking, eating, and drinking in moderation (Dr. Pepper and lemon icebox pie were administered- he said it was a religious experience) We are still on a no visitation protocol.

He is improving, but we do not want any set backs. He is still recovering and will need a great deal of rest, per Shelby Pilcher

Shelby added “Please continue to pray for all of us as you have been, we can see it working. God is so good❤️”

Prayer requests:

-Daddy’s pulmonary team, the rehabilitation team, the UAB medical staff, his doctors, and his nurses.

-His heart, lungs, and his spirit.

-His family

-A prayer of thankfulness for His work in daddy.

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