Any C-10 truck fans out there? They were in full effect at Duck X Productions’ Lights Out 9! Photos by Randy McCuddy ... See MoreSee Less

Tuesday February 20th

Any C-10 truck fans out there? They were in full effect at Duck X Productions’ Lights Out 9! Photos by Randy McCuddy


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Bridget Rutledge there's what yours could look like ;p

Oh yah buildin one.

Trevor Jenkins

Edd Haddock Haddock Eric Knowles

Brian Looney

This meme is gonna save a lot of* marriages *Not a single one of your ... See MoreSee Less

Monday February 19th

This meme is gonna save a lot of* marriages 

*Not a single one of your


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Denny Pett Chris Edwards Nathan Jackson Kyle Alexander Aaron Cannon 🤣😂🤣😂”that looked good on the LiveFeed”

Matt Dadas this is LITERALLY me and you 😂

Yep men and women think very differently !


Emily Rowe............ 🤷🏻‍♂️

Alena Christopherson you will understand all of this one day.

Ace Edwards

Alexis Boisseaux

Danny Koch Pam Bell Koch

Justin Wright Delaney Paige Bryant Brandon Gentry

Stephani Rosscup

Michael Roemer

Cherie Cambron

Kim Hunt

Joleigh Murray

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Everything about Stephen Blanc’s Camaro is bad ass #dragcoverage #camaro #chevy ... See MoreSee Less

Monday February 19th

Everything about Stephen Blanc’s Camaro is bad ass #dragcoverage #camaro #chevy


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Very nice car

Stephen Blanc Jr.

Sean Tigart

Team Boddie Presents carrying the wheels high and far during a grudge race against Scotty G! Bad Ass ... See MoreSee Less

Monday February 19th

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Was Big chief there

Nice Wheelie Mr. Boddie.nice to see a couple cars from the West

Lol Diontae wont go to track any more he to far up her ass

Bryan Jernigan

Final round of RVW. Congratulations Stevie “Fast” Jackson On Winning $50,000 With a 3.74 To Keith Haney’s 3.77 At Lights Out 9! ... See MoreSee Less

Monday February 19th

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The circus midget got TREE'D... #MINDTHEGAPP #Uhaul

Gapped !

199 mph in 660 feet... Emily Deal

Duck said if Haney won he was taking his laptop and moving to Canada lmao

Mind the GAPP. way to go Stevie Fast

Coulda drug a boat anchor and still beat that midget !!

Way to go Stevie

Jerryapril Rodarte and Garrett Rodarte here u go


Dana Brown, Andrew Collins

Genesis Magnes

Eric Ercole Scott Ercole

Terry Smith

Treed like a coon son

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Your winner of Lights Out 9 “No Escape” - Stevie “Fast” Jackson! Photo by DC Photographer Randy McCuddy ... See MoreSee Less

Monday February 19th

Your winner of Lights Out 9 “No Escape” - Stevie “Fast” Jackson!  Photo by DC Photographer Randy McCuddy


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Hell yeah these guys have been killing it!! And now if I'm not mistaken didn't he have a big win at lights-out 8 last year too? Or was he the one who won this big payout last year as well??

Gapp band in full effect

Like it

Way to go KTR! 🏁🏁

Fifty big ones


Genesis Magnes

We are in love with Kye Kelley’s new “Aftershock!” Kye said “Not quite finished yet but it’s coming along nicely” #aftershock #builtbythefabshop ... See MoreSee Less

Sunday February 18th


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Is it a promod?

He gonna loose that pretty car to stevie fast lol, bring your car and your wallet. You gonna loose both lol

Oooooooh that's gone be sick lol. Good job kye

The front end looks pretty sick on that car! I’m sure it’ll be fast

Are there any other cars like this that would be willing to come to our care packages for the troops car show in May?

Is a nice looking car

One bad ass ride

I bet he will be kicking A$$ and taking names

Like it

Good he can take big chief out agin

Good looking ride!!

Love it



Brandon McGraw

Chassidy Garrett Justin Garrett

Jameson Clay Johnston

Carlos Santiago

Jonathan Brooks

Lyndee Ronnie Mitchell

Michael La Mar

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Robert Briscoe of Port Saint Lucie, Florida says he’s taking over the N/T No-time world on small tires with this new ride. Wonder what it could be?! ... See MoreSee Less

Sunday February 18th

Robert Briscoe of Port Saint Lucie, Florida says he’s taking over the N/T No-time world on small tires  with this new ride. Wonder what it could be?!

Glad both drivers are ok after this Lights Out 9 incident yesterday. We’re being told that the driver in the right lane had steering issues after damage from the huge wheel-stand ... See MoreSee Less

Sunday February 18th

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Why didn't the blue car lift? Looks like the had plenty of time to see the situation

Not trying to start shit.. but if you know your car is this fast, wouldn’t you want wheelie bars?.. or did he have them, couldn’t tell.

Glad that the drivers are OK. The real issue is the crowds of people that the tracks are letting on the track, ridiculous!

Not sure the other guy lifted? Dam!

Boy that coulda been real bad.. i remember Allen n Koretsky crash. Not sure wby the datsun pulled 2nd wheelie..may momemtum couldnt lift.

Keith Thompson Jr better view

Glad all is ok...but what about a rule about cars sitting at the line, well after the light turns green, letting the other car getting almost to the stripe before leaving? This incident would have never happened like it did if both cars would have left...

Could’ve been a million times worse

This is what keeps chassis shops in business hopefully they're both okay and all the parts manufacturers they love it

That was crazy

Glad everyone's ok ...

Roderick Arrington Jr.

So scary!

Olha isso Andersom Barboza

Raul Cortes Marty Dwarshuis Mike Miller

Brett Norris

Austin Wade


Peter Weiss

Shaun Souser

Ryon Berkel

Roy Schroeder


Austin Fultineer

Jonathan Poliseno

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Gulfport, MS — The start of a bad racing season and nightmare for racers in Gulfport, MS as a racer plowed into a pit area and struck another vehicle today. Sources say the driver accidentally hit the throttle instead of the brakes while driving through the pits. Spencer Massey was the owner of the pit area and Brad Clarke of Raymond, MS was the owner of the dragster that was also struck. Fortunately, everyone is ok. Follow DragCoverage for updates... ... See MoreSee Less

Saturday February 17th


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I'd like to help Brad Clark by posting an one of my racing items on EBay for auction. I'm not sure which item just yet. I will post a link as soon as I have it up. Please bid! All proceeds will go to Brad to help with repairs to his race car.

This a a great family friend of our’s and neighbor. Things happen, accidents happen. Please don’t post rude stuff and bash someone over something you don’t even know the full story behind. Just think if you were in his shoes how he feels. Always be kind. We’re all grown adults here shit happens.

I'm lost for words! I think I'll call Tim McAmis and ask him because he has a saying for guys like this....

Brad Clarke spent all winter completely redoing his Dragster. All new powder coat, body, paint, Wiring, front wheels, etc and it’s all destroyed before he can make the first pass with it cause some dumbass doesn’t know which pedal is which. Makes me sick.

This is what you sign the waiver at the gate for sucks to be the dragster guy but you can't go after him for property damages

The old one foot driver problem oops missed it by that much god gave us two feet but drivers education knows best ..

First glad nobody was hurt. Second I wasn't there to say what happened but how many dumb ass's drive through the pits to fast or hitting the gas and spinning the tires. It's on the driver but also on the tracks because they do nothing about it just like they let juniors drive through the pits witch is against the rules. Simple fix is start kicking people out if the rules aren't gone by.

He shouldn't be allowed to race again!!! If you can't handle your car at 10mph's I would not want to be trapped on a drag strip with him at 100+mph's!! Lazy and foolish

Looks like a accident to me like the guy really went out there to damage his car and other peoples on purpose really folks shit happens get real

That’s bs u been in that Car Long enuff to kno plus most truuu racers drive with both feet lol must thought he was in a regular car

If he slammed the gas in mistake of the break looks like he was about to really slam the breaks on hard .. not saying this is what happened but I've seen alot of people goose on a car in the pits or coming up the return roads .. I've had so many people - kids walk out infront of me

I saw this happen in Indy back in the early 2000’s. A dragster went through the side of a trailer, moved the trailer ten feet and it damn near hit me.Unfortunately the driver didn’t make it.

The angle of the car makes me think he was pulling forward to back into his parking spot?? Just guessing here

This is what’s wrong with the world. Everyone giving their opinions or casting judgement and none of them were there. Unless you know the whole story then you should keep ur negative comments to yourself. Thankful no one was hurt considering both my dad and brother were rite next to the accident.

Kevin Bennett, we’ve been on the bad end of the same thing, haven’t we? Regardless of how dumb things like this seem, accidents can and do happen. You just have to hope the ones responsible man up and make it right for the people’s stuff they tear up. But, I can say from experience that is not always the case! Rusty Herring Mark Herring Austin Herring Jacob Herring Jimmy Wesson

So many people with so many opinions. Why not let the people there that saw everything sort it out. We all know accidents happen and as long as the guy pays for all damages , what should it matter? People need to realize that he destroyed his own car too.

Drivers that slap the throttle in the pits are trying to impress people because their junk is slow on the track .

Should be stricter enforcement on pit speeds and driving in pit areas. 1st time is a warning; 2nd your a spectator. I see so many times people flying down those roads. Including pit and track vehicles. Costly lesson. Really feel sorry for Brad and Spencer.

Lately it seems the pits are more dangerous than the track. These tracks need to crack down on these guys that fly through the pits and general are just a danger to people around them. Take your time through the pits and watch your surroundings. No need to be at more than an idle coming through the pits....."gas instead of the break"....that shouldn't happen when you are in a racecar.

People like this behind the wheel of the car beside you and people are more worried about guys with loose belts.

Does he hammer mash the brakes after waiting til the last sec.? Driving faster than allowed in pits? I would be mad as a mutha f. That doesnt look like a low speed impact.

Used to racers would've done what it took to help each other out now they want to sit and bash on racers over a accident.. rookies iv helped racers out of they're cars that's crashed on the strip shit happens Always will in this sport

Happened to Nightmare in At more about 15 years ago. Never got a dime out of those guys. SMITH CONCRETE RACING. and hell no I ain't forgotten or forgiven!

This is why I tell people to NOT give their kids and grandkids a ride in their cars in the pits. This can happen in an instant. I know what I’m telling you!!!!!

We had a guy run over us in staging.... mess the whole backside of our car up..... after 8 weeks he wrote me a check.... told me to hold it for a week.... then the check bounced..... never got any money just alot of drama and stress...... stupid people doing stupid things.....

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No Caption or hashtag needed ... See MoreSee Less

Saturday February 17th

No Caption or hashtag needed


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Travis Cannon dibs

Ahhhhh that is nice 👍

The car says it all...sweet

Nice 👍😎


Bad Ass !

Rob Eickhoff

Andrew Johnson hit the wall at Lights Out 9, SGMP during round 1 of qualifying last night - Tony Kirskey ... See MoreSee Less

Friday February 16th

Andrew Johnson hit the wall at Lights Out 9, SGMP during round 1 of qualifying last night  - Tony Kirskey


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No it's prepped well but some of cars are just to aggressive

Is this a no-prep race?

sure glad to here this morning he is o k .

Watched it on YouTube live feed. OUCH!!!

Hate to see this !


Time to go to work!

Dustin Kennard Paul Sorensen

Nick Kowalyk

Tara Nagel

Nobody has ever created such a fully comprehensive story of Pro Stock as we know it from start to finish, until now. Coming soon to DragCoverage "Fuss & Fight: The History of Pro Stock" ... See MoreSee Less

Thursday February 15th

Fuss & Fight: The History of Pro Stock


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Hopefully they cover, in depth, all of the punishing rules Chrysler and Ford had put on them over the decades, and how Chevrolet was always the benefactor.

When I see those 70 and 80's pro stocks, then go to the jelly beans of today it makes me sad.

The only music on this production should be valve springs crying for help lol. Can't wait to see the final product

This should be about a 10 hour show! I can't wait to see it

What song is this

Can’t wait

V you back in?

Maybe they can see how they kill this class

Mark Williamson Scott Dupslaff Rita Denson Chad Craft

Joe Laino Anthony Laino Louis Corsini Jason Bradshaw

Mason Morris

Josh Akin

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MotorCity Jimbo’s New Racecar Specialities built Ride “Zeus” is looking bad ass! Paint by The Kandy Shop. Check out the build on MotorCity Jimbo Racing! ... See MoreSee Less

Thursday February 15th


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That’s what I’m talking about!! The kandy shop and race car specialist to the front!!

Looks slow

Travis Cannon dibs

I can make you Yenko stripes with ROGUE instead of Yenko

yea that's bad ass 👍

Sweet looking car

Amanda yes please

James Jimmer Dault

Mark CrankJoe Peters

Laura Robinson

James Miron

Josh James

Aaron Smithers

Andrew Ford

Jordan Blake Crosierr

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Happy Valentines Day! 💗💘💖. What better way to celebrate than Disco Dean’s ‘72 Blown Challenger. And it’s forsale! ... See MoreSee Less

Wednesday February 14th

Happy Valentines Day! 💗💘💖. What better way to celebrate than Disco Dean’s ‘72 Blown Challenger. And it’s forsale!


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I thought this car was being sold off in Super Bowl Raffle????



Dean Karns in stinky pinky too! Bad ass car!


“It’s this Button. No, it’s this Button”Pop goes the Chute! Ken Jo Kelley vs Team Boddie Presents ... See MoreSee Less

Monday February 12th

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This is the guy who wants to grudge Stevie.....smh

Stevie fast is gonna wipe the fuckin strip with this clown lol

Corey Coogle it’s Rickey Boggs trying to figure out all the buttons

I'm hoping this was a bet... I can deploy my chutes and still win.

Rookie! Should always be familiar with the equipment you are working with.

Why didn't the starter red light them? Or why didn't a crew guy stop him


Prob not one of his best times

Looks like Bodie went red too ouch

Must be a short shut down! Lol

Still ran faster than my junk

A little premature deployment

Bud Drummond let’s not do this the first time out when you go... haha




Zack Taylor 😂😂

Caleb Calloni Brandon Switzer

Bryan Jernigan

Travis Cannon


Christian Sanchez

Kelsey Keener

Steve Wright

Omar Mtanous Mono Mtanous

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Heads up Stock Eliminator final! Get down! This is cooler than hell.

Larry Gilley does it again!! Wins a Heads Up Stock Eliminator Final Round!! This time @ The ❄️WINTERNATIONALS! Where can I get an autograph?! Congratulations
... See MoreSee Less

Sunday February 11th



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The big wheelie killed the chevy.

That was good love SE racing,, less wheelie and a closer tree would have been a different race..

For more Mopar tings like this, add yourself to Everything Mopar. Little group I started to share pictures, cool things, & EVERYTHING MOPAR

Wish they would show class eliminations on tv. Some of the best race out there.

Gilley gilley...

Awesome run both of ya !!!!!

340 big block killer!

nice dodge


Steve fox

Ira Douglas Lanphar

Jason Nelson

Eggy Eggertson


Ron Mangus

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Throwback...You’ll never guess what happened next.... Filippos Papafilippou has an incredible save after holding on for dear life ... See MoreSee Less

Sunday February 11th

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This is like 5 years old...

Nick Daros

Tucker Brofft Matt Diamond whaaaaaat?

Sam Guay ciboire

Mark James Jr.

Bryan Hollinsworth

Kelsey Keener

Noah Cook Christian Cook

Bud Drummond

Adam Bage John Snoozadellic

Tim Bond

Kelsey Roybal

Michael Hatfield

Shahryar Khan

Dylan Buckley

Jim Timmins

Rob Fredrickson

Billy Hall

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