BIG Day for NHRA Prostock Teams; Meeting NHRA with Counterproposal

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Ennis, TX — DragCoverage received news last night that Prostock team owners and drivers will be meeting with the Competition Director of NHRA TODAY, October 12, 2017, with a counterproposal in response to the recent letter stating that Prostock will be reduced to an 8-Car field at 9 National Events in 2018 due to the significant drops in participation.

We don’t know the time or place, but RUMOR is that it’s happening, a day before the AAA Texas NHRA Fall Nationals kicks off at Texas Motorplex in Ennis, Tx.

We hear that Elite Performance Prostock team owner Richard Freeman will be leading a lot of the discussion(s) today with the “counterproposal.”

We don’t know what the counterproposal is but two things that we know for sure that is not listed in the counterproposal is:

1. The proposal of factory cars. Although we have pushed it here on DragCoverage, this will not be proposed today.

2. Lb per cubic inch rule. I know this is random, but hey, this is the “talk” and rumors that we received last night…

The future of Prostock is still uncertain as NHRA continues to evaluate the class but hopefully the meeting today goes well and NHRA and Prostock participants can agree on a solution.