Are The Good Times Really Over For Good?

I’m not gonna say “I Told Ya So”, but I kinda am… And today I honestly feel guilty about it. Today is not a good day for drag racing... Read more »

Thank You from Maggart’s Automotive and Hoosier Racing Tires; Champions Crowned on Hoosiers

2016 has been a memorable year for both Maggart’s Automotive and Hoosier Racing Tire alike. When PJ North wrote the lines “Champs Wear Hoosiers” not even he knew what... Read more »

21 Year-Old Sizemore Racing at the Million

Boonville, IN (17 October 2016) Tyler Sizemore age 21, is preparing for a journey to an event that everyone in the drag racing community simply calls “The Million.” The... Read more »

Maggart’s Hoosier Racing Tires Upcoming Track Schedule

Ronnie Maggart and his Hoosier Racing Tire service trailer will be at the following races to assist with your tire needs: October 7th – 9th – Bowling Green, KY... Read more »

“It’s Monday” Photo Feature by Jeff Kline, Racing Outlawz

Birmingham, AL — Every Monday, here at we feature awesome hot rods from our photographers who travel the country to capture great action and beautiful cars.We are not... Read more »

Longest Head Start in Drag Racing History?

Indianapolis, IN — This has to be the longest head-start in Drag Racing history. I mean, correct me if I’m wrong, but 8.92 to a 16.31 dial? Unbelievable. Stock... Read more »

Huddleston 2 for 2 at Memphis, Lowmad Takes World Series of Drag Racing Victory

The Lowmad thundered back onto the scene this past weekend at the 63rd Annual World Series of Drag Racing held at Memphis International Raceway. After missing the past few... Read more »

Lowmad Set To Return at World Series of Drag Racing and defend Memphis Title

For the past few Southern Outlaw events, The Lowmad has been missing in action due to influences outside of the team’s control. Thanks to David and Michael Elsberry, the... Read more »

EPA has dropped proposal to Ban Converting Street Cars for Racing!

Washington — Yes, it’s official, folks. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has decided to drop the proposed language from the new vehicle emissions restrictions after hearing an overwhelming response... Read more »

Go “Radial vs the World” Racing for $90,000

Birmingham, AL — Have you ever thought about competing in one of the fastest growing drag racing classes in the world? Well, here’s your chance. Jeff Cooner’s Radial vs... Read more »