By TJ Pruitt, Publisher

Huntsville, AL (10/20/2014) — You have to watch this. Cody Graham of Millington, TN pretends that his car breaks on the race track this past weekend and then proposes to his best friend, Cricket Kern. I have seen a lot of marriage proposals in my time, but this will go down as the greatest marriage proposal that I have ever seen, and he caught it on video!

Congratulations to Cody Graham and Cricket Kern. We wish you a great future together.

Kern posted the following on facebook:

“All the last race, we have been having trouble with his dragster not decking. It spewed water out of the overfill which usually means you have a blown head gasket. We have been working and working on the dragster all morning in Huntsville, AL and we didn’t think it was quite right. If you run with a blown head gasket, there is a chance you can blow your motor. Well this is a brand new motor so we’ve been mad that it’s been messing up. Right before his burnout, he told me he’s pretty sure his head gasket is blown so if his motor blows, then it just blows. He did a good burnout and then shut it off and pulled to the side as if his dragster was broke. So I ran over there thinking he blew his motor and started asking him what happened and it looked like he was looking at his car seeing what was broke and got to the side where he was and he was on 1 knee with a ring out and said I love you so much. Will you marry me? I immediately started crying my eyes out!! I was so surprised!”