19th Annual CARS Million Dollar Race in the Books; Event Coverage & Photos


Montgomery, AL — The 19th Annual CARS Million Dollar Drag Race is in the books and if you could picture the perfect race, this was it. With 0% forecast for all four days, racers traveled from as far as Canada, California, and even Pasadena, Texas to participate in this historic drag race. The Million Dollar Drag Race is the the largest paying race in the history of drag racing and even the greatest racer’s in the country only dream of being added to the list of racer’s who have won.

It all started 19 years ago with TJ Tracey winning the first event and the 19th Annual CARS Million Dollar Race resulted in Rodney Phagan being crowned the 2014 Champion. The other CARS Million Dollar Champions include Chad McKee, Thursday’s $20,000 Winner, Scotty Richardson, Friday’s $20,000 Winner, and a big win for Jared Pennington on Sunday.

Emotions ran high as these racers accomplished the bracket racer’s dream.

The winner circle photos are posted below.


CARS Million Dollar Race Winner – Rodney Phagan


Sunday $20,000 Winner – Jared Pennington


Friday $20,000 Winner – Scotty Richardson

Thursday $20,000 Winner - Chad McKee

Thursday $20,000 Winner – Chad McKee


The greatest moment of the CARS Million Dollar Race was the memorial service held on the track just before the “big show” for Leigh Enfinger, …wife of Jason Enfinger, who recently passed with breast cancer. The theme for the 2014 CARS Million Dollar Race raised awareness to breast cancer, from the arm bands, run stickers, and several other things – thank you Folk Promotions.