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DragCoverage Motorsports is dedicated to offering drag racing and motorsports news, race reviews, event calendars and unique editorial content related to the “straight line” racing community and culture. We encourage our readers to reach out to us anytime, anywhere.

DragCoverage was founded in 2002 on the principles of promoting local drag racing and giving the local weekend warrior publicity.  Before Facebook and Social media was popular, the DragCoverage forum gave racers a platform to find drag racing events and establish friendships.

The site has now expanded world wide, reaching an average of 15 Million people per year.  Although the site has a larger following, we still believe in the core values of giving the local racers national spotlight.


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T.J. Pruitt, Editor in Chief

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We are looking for writers and Photographers! If you are interested in contributing to DragCoverage.com, please send inquiries to TJ Pruitt at teejay@dragcoverage.com