Drag Race for a Guaranteed $1 Million Dollars; Here’s how to enter

Gulfport, MS  — In May drag racers will have the opportunity to race for a Million Bucks. That’s right, a guaranteed $1,000,000 bracket race will be hosted at Memphis International Raceway on May 25-30.  All you have to do to participate is pre-enter on either January 4th (if you entered last year’s race) or January 12th for everyone else.

This type of money can be life changing for anyone! Just ask Jeff Serra who won the 2020 event that paid a guaranteed $1 Million Dollars. Several racers left Memphis International Raceway with their pockets full of big cash.

Photo below (Jeff Serra’s winnings)

How do you enter? Registration for racer’s that participated in the 1st Annual SDPC Raceshop Guaranteed Million Presented by Chevrolet Performance is Monday Jan. 4 at 6pm central at www.greatamericanbracketraces.com.

There are also payment options for those that do not want to pay all up front.

Payment Options:
Option 1 -Pay in Full- $3,000
Option 2- $500 Down, $500 Due Feb. 10, March 10, April 10, $1,000 Due at the Gate
Option 3-$1000 Down, $500 Due Feb. 10, April 10, $1,000 Due at the Gate

DragCoverage will be in the house again covering the event!