Horrific Crash at Phenix City Dragway; No Roll Cage


Photos by Stephen Mcmanus

Phenix City, AL — This happened today at Phenix City Dragway, AL. The driver lost control and went for one of the wildest rides we’ve seen in drag racing. Fortunately, the driver is reported to be alive. Paramedics arrive quickly to the track and he was airlifted shortly after.

Do you notice something wrong with this photo? No Roll Cage. Sources tell DC that the driver made a 5.98, 115 MPH pass before crashing and the car was not equipped with a roll cage. Sources also tell DragCoveage that he had  a”lap style” seat belt, not a certified harness.

From a source sitting in the water box behind him, the driver lost control about 300′ past the finishline, jumped the guard rail, and landed in the pasture on the right hand side of the track.

We are being told that his back was hurting and he couldn’t move his arm. Sources tell DC that this was a new car and the driver insisted on not putting in a roll-cage.

Stay tuned as we get more information on the driver and this story.

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