Huddleston 2 for 2 at Memphis, Lowmad Takes World Series of Drag Racing Victory

The Lowmad thundered back onto the scene this past weekend at the 63rd Annual World Series of Drag Racing held at Memphis International Raceway. After missing the past few events due to mechanical issues out of the team’s hands, the historic wagon returned with familiar parts and had familiar results!

While the fan attendance wasn’t what many had hoped, the show put on by the racers was undeniably great. A strong group of nitro competitiors, nostalgia racing at its best, and a field full of hitters in the Pro Modified category made for exciting on track action. In their return event, Thomas Huddleston and The Lowmad jumped into the middle of the action right off the bat in qualifying. In the first full pass on the new engine and blower combination, the Lowmad threw down a nice 3.81 in 140+ degree track temps to land in the #4 spot when qualifying was completed.


Saturday’s action would be equally as hot both on and off the track. Consistency would prove to be the name of the game on this day. After getting through the first 2 rounds of competition with nice 3.80 and 3.81 runs, the Lowmad paired up with #1 qualifier Mike Recchia in the semi’s. Both Thomas and Mike were all over the tree with .025 and .027 lights respectively, but The Lowmad’s 3.85 would prove to be to much and grabbed the slot in the final round. In the finals, it was a pair of familiar hot rods as Huddleston brought the Lowmad up against Southern hitter John Sullivan. Another consistent run would park the Lowmad in the Winner’s Circle as a 3.86 grabbed the victory!

Lowmad driver Thomas Huddleston was thrilled with the weekend’s outcome, “It was a great weekend for the Lowmad Team. To be back out in our hot rod after the past few events was a lot of fun. Being able to take this many new pieces and grab the win at such a historic event was even more incredible! Looks like The Lowmad has a favorite track here in Memphis.”


As always, The Lowmad Team would like to thank their honest and loyal Marketing Partners: Huddleston Performance, PTC Converters, Butler Performance,, Over Kill Motorsports, and Hoosier Tires.

The Lowmad will be in action again September 9-10 at Montgomery Raceway Park for the next stop of the Southern Shootout Tour! For more details on The Lowmad Team visit their website at!