Jason Hallam’s New Turbocharged LS Mustang

Here it is. Jason Hallam’s sick mustang. With a Harrell Engine & Dyno billet LS and Garrett Turbocharger G57 and Holley efi. It’s going to run as good as it looks.

All Schoenek carbon parts, pennywitt roof for the body parts. TBM Brakes with JRi Shocks and Menscer Motorsports LLC to keep everything under control. Greg Slack Converters 704-983-1972 with the torque converter. Billet Atomizer Racing Injectors are all plumbed with BMRS Brown & Miller Racing Solutions LLC hoses.

With Rife Sensors and Holley to make everything easy and dependable. Motion Raceworks all over this build from firewall bulkheads to co2 chute. Aeromotive Fuel Systems handled all the fueling. Custom’s BT Big Gun said “Have to thank our team for a awesome job on a big build.”

“Thank Jason Hallam for being a great customer and friend. Can’t wait to get to the track.” – @customsbybigun #dragcoverage #ford #mustang #twinturbo #smalltire #dragracing