Johnny Pilcher Released from UAB Hospital

After being airlifted and spending 8 days at UAB Hospital, Johnny Pilcher returned to his home today in Enterprise, Al and is recovering well.

His daughter Shelby said “Dad was at UAB from February 2nd until today. Dad is finally home❤️.”

“He is still recovering and slightly short of breath when talking so we are going to wait a little longer for visitors. “

“We are all so thankful for everyone praying for us. We’ve seen prayer work a miracle in daddy and we praise the Lord for the healing He’s done.”

“The sun is finally up.”

On January 29th, Johnny was taken to the ER in Enterprise and admitted with the diagnosis of bilateral pneumonia. From there his condition worsened and he was later transferred to Southeast in Dothan on February 1st. While at Southeast it was determined he had a viral form of pneumonia and was airlifted to UAB on February 2nd.