Larry Larson World’s Quickest Street Car

Five-time champion Larry Larson made the quickest pass in the history of any street-legal car during Hot Rod Magazine’s 10th anniversary of Drag Week.  And he did it by a long shot, going 6.16-seconds at 219 miles an hour, leaving the world grasping for air.

Earlier this year, Larson debuted his unique and state-of-the-art Cheverolet S-10 powered by a Proline Racing Engines Twin Turbo power plant. This was just a couple of weeks ago and the racer managed to put this truck into the sixes on the very first day.

Andy Frost had the prior all time record for the fastest street car, running a 6.40, but that has been completely destroyed.  The most impressive part about Larson’s run is the fact that he threw the laundry (parachutes) out well before the finish line.

This is only the beginning, folks. I believe the best has yet to come.

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