Maddie Malone – Ambassador for the International Women’s Motorsports Association (IWMA)

Great news! Drag Racing’s own Maddie Malone is now an ambassador for the IWMA, an organization that promotes, educates, and connects women involved in all Motorsports from around the world.

“The IWMA is so excited about the women who have chosen to be an Ambassador for us! Here is a little information about our Ambassador Maddie Malone! I’ve spent some time with Maddie and she is truly passionate about racing and loves sharing what she does!”

Malone said “my Name is Maddie Malone, I am a ambassador for IWMA at large. I am 19 years old and i work at a local performance shop buying and selling race car parts. I’ve always had a love for the sport of drag racing. It’s literally the only thing I think about. I started racing when I was 13 years old in the jr dragster league. I now drive a 66 Chevy II that I got for my 16th Birthday, and a 2016 American Dragster.”

“My dad and I built my Chevy II together. My first year in a big car was this past year I ran the SFG series and tried to hit all the big money Bracket races I could. My home track is Huntsville Dragway. This year will be my first year in my dragster. I will be running it in super comp in Division 3. I’ve always wanted to Division race it’s always been a dream of mine and something me and my dad’s talked about ever since I started racing. I am so excited about this upcoming season and can’t wait to get back in the seat.”

“I can’t thank my parents enough for they’re never ending support and allowing me to do the thing I love most. Without them none of this would even be possible. Phil: 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”