Quain Stott Reveals photos of Nostalgic Top Fueler


Piedmont, NC — If you know Quain Stott, then you are aware of his passion for “old school” drag racing. In fact, I specifically remember him telling me that Nostalgia racing was even more exciting than launchinh his Pro Extreme 1963 Split window Corvette.

If you’ve never been to a Nostalgia race, then you have to check out the South East Gassers in North Carolina. Stott recently released photos of a hotrod that will be in competition and it is very unique.

Stott said “If all goes as planned we will be testing tires for our new top fuel dragster class next week. This is one of the test cars.”

This fuel car has an Iron 392 hemi. He quoted that he has to old school it up a little.

Good luck with the hotrod, Quain.