Williams, Acree, McCrory and More Lead FTI Weekend Victories

While we’re talking about champions let’s move to Atlanta Dragway for the D2 Bracket finals. Amber Acree has been crowned the Champion with her win in the Race of Champions.

As many of you may know our 2015 racing season is heading to a close. Many racers are starting to prep for tucking away the race cars away for the approaching cold. Others are prepping for the well known Winter Series that is just around the corner. And then there’s a quite a few others that haven’t had enough of the 2015 season yet. Just this past weekend alone we have 21 FTI driven customers who participated in a final, 15 of which are winners, 6 runner-ups, and 2 of the 15 are national champions, and another 2 of the 15 are divisional champions. All together estimated at over 50K in winnings collected in just one weekend.

One thing is for sure Memphis International Raceway knew FTI was present this weekend as we showed up with the FTI rig to offer support to all the FTI customers participating, including our own Troy Williams Jr. who drove “Debary’s Finest” to be your IHRA Hot Rod #2 in the world. Nick Womack and Vernon Rowland both became IHRA World champs as well this weekend, Vernon taking home the IHRA Top Dragster #1 in the world and Nick securing his spot as IHRA Quick Rod world champ. While we’re talking about champions let’s move to Atlanta Dragway for the D2 Bracket finals. Amber Acree has been crowned the Champion with her win in the Race of Champions. Brandon Jarrell will be headed to California representing the southeast as your Division 2 Super Pro winner. Brenden George almost made the cut as well with a Runner-up for the division 2 final driving “Juicy” in the Pro E.T. class. And to polish things off in Atlanta driving one of Rollins Automotive’s vehicles to the final and the win in the High School race is Daniel Young, taking home a Walley for his efforts.

Stephen Champ McCrory

​Making our way into some big bucks bracket racing we’ve got the Tenn-Tuck race in Bowling Green, Kentucky and the Summer Shootout in Atco, New Jersey. At the Tenn-Tuck race Stephen “champ” McCrory has been no stranger to the winner circle this year, and continues to show us why, laying it down .00 seven times in a row for a 10K pay day at Beach Bend Raceway. Prior to Stephen’s win, Drag Race Results very own Scott Lemen also scored himself a Runner-up in the first race. At the same time Scott was earning his runner-up, Dom Balducci cashed in for 5 big ones at Atco and Tom Dauber wrapped the weekend up at Atco with his Runner-up in the Last Chance race. Another name that seems to have made it into our weekly post every week is Johhny Ezell. Johnny has been on fire and isn’t stopping anytime soon as he has yet another win under his belt with his W in the quick 16 race at State capitol Dragway. But there’s another Ezell this week, Brittany Ezell found herself in the final of Super Pro behind another FTI customer, Lane Comeaux, who took the win over Brittany for three thousand.

​Jumping the boarder north into Canada at Shannonville Dragway, Richard Arnold took home the 5K Super Pro win in his FTI driven dragster. At Indy Anthony Trauth scored a 2K pay day and Phil Combs scored another win at U.S. 60 Dragway. In the mud world at Gerrard County Fairgrounds Kevin Davis took two 1st place spots with a 2.122 and 2.175. Kevin also bagged a second place the same weekend in the DOT class. From last weekend Ted O’Connell emailed in with his win at New England Dragway and Randy priest also won the Mega Truck Series race in Arbuckle, OK.

​Congratulations to all the finalist this weekend. Keep up the great work and keep sending in those winner circle photos. And make sure you guarantee we don’t miss you by messaging us on Face Book or emailing in to ftimedia@yahoo.com. Don’t forget to include your winner circle photo, name, class, W/R.U., track, car, and any other information you feel contributed to your win or runner-up.



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