What happens when you stick a COPO 327 LS Whipple Engine in a Racetech Dragster?

Lakewood, CO — What happens when you stick a 2014 327 LS  COPO engine in a Racetech Dragster?

Well, we will find out soon. The team at Madcap Racing Engines have released photos of this Whipple Supercharged assisted beast that produces over 1,400 horsepower. After talking with the Madcap team, it was clear that they were confident that this engine could produce over 1,800 horsepower – we appreciate the humbleness, by the way.

What’s even more impressive about this build is the fact that it still has a hydraulic roller camshaft. The engine features a 4.0 Whipple Supercharger, GM LSX heads ported by Frankenstein Engine Dynamics, a Holley EFI system with “coil on plug” and burns Methanol fuel.

Although Rob Reinhardt at Madcap Racing Engines did not release the owner’s name, Justin Lamb posted that he expects this dragster to run in the 4.40 and faster elapsed time, 1/8th mile.

Lookout for this unique hot rod at bracket races in the near future as LS engines are becoming more popular by the day in the world of drag racing.